Healing Your Church Hurt: What To Do When You Still Love God But Have Been Wounded by His People

healing your church hurtBy Stephen Mansfield

If you’ve been part of a church, you have probably suffered a “church hurt” — or know someone who has. Maybe the pastor had an affair or the congregation fought over money or the leaders were disguising gossip as “prayer.” Stephen Mansfield knows how it feels. Though he is now a New York Times bestselling author, he was a pastor for more than 20 years, and he loved it — until he learned how much a church can hurt. Yet he also learned how to dig out of that hurt, break through the bitterness and anger, stop making excuses, and get back to where he ought to be with God and his people. If you’re ready to choose the tough path to healing, Mansfield will walk you through it with brotherly love, showing you how you can be better than ever on the other side of this mess — if you’re willing to start Healing Your Church Hurt. (Publisher’s description)

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