Healing Your Inner Man: How to Overcome Brokenness

healing your inner manBy Darlene Caulton

You can be anchored during any ordeal you face in life.

God allows us to face the wilderness experience in each of our lives. In order to triumph over this encounter, we must take our eyes off what we see and feel. This is a time of testing for your inner man.

Author Darlene Caulton, in her riveting book, Healing Your Inner Man, shows you ways in which you can focus on and trust in God, not on your current situation. She beautifully points out that we are in the wilderness for a purpose: so that he can make and mold us. We must be still and listen for God to speak to our hearts.

In Healing Your Inner Man, Darlene uses scriptural passages, as well as experiences from her own life, to show you how to gain strength from any crises, mishaps, or other negative life occurrences that are thrown your way, causing you grief. Using spiritual cognitive behavioral therapy, you will succeed in eradicating regrets and abolishing negative speech as you learn to extinguish words that are contrary to what God has said about you. In doing so, you too will be able to accept freedom from mental strongholds.

With this book, you will learn how to break free from the mental chains that plague your life and keep your happiness at bay. Pick up Healing Your Inner Man today and be inspired to escape the mental strangleholds in your life. (Publisher’s description)

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