The Bridge Between God and Man

We forget to look up.

Not that God is physically above us.
Or below us.

God is.
Every molecule is God.

And we forget this.
Or don’t understand how to know this.

We just keep walking on.

Eyes straight ahead.
Not seeing.

Not letting the miraculous healing of a loved one touch our heart.
Not letting the rain soothe our shredded nerves.
Not letting a friend’s word sink into our heart.

No reaching out.
We’re fine the way we are.

So there.

We want to feel God in our lives.
We ache for it.
But we quietly live without it.

The secret lies in not doing anything.
Stop doing something.

It is a truly frightening act.
To just listen.

We don’t want to hear.
Our thoughts.
Our fears.
Our anger.

We don’t want to get rid of our self-condemnation.
We don’t want to be loved by God.
It would prove everything we believe in wrong.
It would make us cry.

All the pain from our unmet needs would be there.
All the resentment from helping others who spit on us would be there.
All our aching loneliness would be there.

And we don’t want that.

It is against our nature to understand that nothing is the key.
The key to healing.
The key to experiencing God’s love.

The language of God is silence.
And we need to learn this language. 
We need to use it in our everyday lives.
And in our special occasions.

It’s a language that takes a lot of practice to learn.
To apply.
To appreciate.

Silence is our bridge to God.
And stillness.

We are the created.
God is the creator.
And we must learn to stop our activity, turn, and connect with God.
As he is.
Not as we are.

In silence.
And in stillness.

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