House Of Blessings

House Of Blessings
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Mission, Vision & Prayer


To provide a place for spiritual renewal, rest and contemplative reflection. To offer opportunities for reconciliation with one’s self, nature and fellow human beings To help change one’s personal and spiritual life advancing the dignity of all people To promote an attitude of gratitude in all things sharing the blessings with the most in need of it.


Find God in all things; welcome people of all kinds. Love of God in everything we are and love of people through everything we do.

We Stand For

  • To advance the cause of tolerance, acceptance and community building by respecting the dignity of all human beings.
  • To provide a safe, and uplifting spiritual environment where participants can get close to nature, one another leading one another to the experience of God.
  • To educate how to live as gently and consciously as possible respecting the dignity of all of God’s creation.
  • To encourage people of all faiths and nations to practice unconditional love and unlimited compassion, through deep introspection and personal spiritual renewal.
  • To provide a space and programs for inner healing through spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Prayer

Lord Jesus, Teach us to seek you
That we may find you
And that we may be found by you.
Inspire us to talk about you
That we may hear your voice.
Encourage us to invite you into our lives
That You may break bread with us.
Open our eyes that we may see you,
And that we may see others
And ourselves through your eyes,
That our souls and bodies may be made whole
And those whom we encounter will see Christ in us.



House Of Blessings is small, beautiful, peaceful and wonderful spiritual place. People from all over the country come to the House Of Blessings, because of its serene and prayerful setting. To those who come to the House Of Blessings we encourage plugging off from the world, so that they can be centered and renewed before they leave.

All our buildings are fully air conditioned and heated. The bedrooms, chapel and conference rooms are handicap accessible. A fairly good library with access to small kitchen make it an easy to plan retreat facility. We allow groups from churches to plan their own meals and clean up of the kitchen so that they can keep the cost down.

You are welcome to The House Of Blessings any time space is available.  We can provide a private room with either a private or semi-private bath, the use of a small kitchen stocked with dishes and cooking utensils, and a cozy dining area and reading room.  There are several indoor and outdoor lounge areas. The meeting room contains a fireplace and a TV/VCR/DVD player.  Rooms are furnished with linens and towels.  You provide your own toiletries. The roads on the mountain are all cul-de-sacs with their own special beauty for pleasant walks.

With panoramic stunning view and open and wide deck make House Of Blessings a hidden gem in the mountains of Eureka Springs.  Churches and non-profits use our facility for:

  • Group Retreats
  • Private Retreats
  • Parish Council Retreats
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Leadership Forum Events
  • Instructors Events
  • Prayer Groups
  • Priests Conference
  • Religious Groups Conferences

Upcoming Events

Wonderful retreats are on the calendar. Pick the one, renew yourself and bring your family and friends.

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