If Your Dearest Should Die: Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One

if your dearest should dieBy John R. Brokhoff

If Your Dearest Should Die will provide comfort and assurance to anyone whose loved ones are facing death or have recently died. Because death is the great unknown, we all have questions about what happens to our loved ones when they depart this world. This brief booklet provides clear and succinct answers based on the scriptures. Brokhoff writes honestly and compassionately about a subject that is difficult for many to face, and he emphasizes that death is not something to be feared – instead those who die in Christ should welcome it as the natural passageway to a glorious eternal life in heaven. Brokhoff’s insight into the meaning of death for Christians offers hope and support to all – and he outlines specific steps, such as “Begin Life Anew,” “Forgiveness Cures Grief,” and “Go To Church,” that can help survivors cope with their sorrow and move on with their lives. (Publisher’s description)

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