Introduction to Aging, Death and Dying

introduction to aging, death and dyingBy Joe Marino, RN, BSN   

Were you ever around anyone who was going through the process of dying?

If so, remember back to all the questions you had, the worries, how scared you and that person were. The unknown is very scary, and if the questions aren’t answered, then these fears can become out of control to the point of panic. Introduction to Aging, Death, and Dying was written with the intent to open your minds and hearts to a new way of understanding the process of life’s end. Most people are afraid of death. However, if you understand the process, then you will be more comfortable with the conclusion. This book will try to answer some of the more basic questions you may have about this process. Introduction to Aging, Death and Dying is a resource for doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers, caregivers, and anyone they may know, who is going through this process. (Product description)

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