Life Transformed

life transformedBy John Loren & R. Loren Sandford

John Loren and R. Loren Sandford write how to transform lives through healing distorted thinking in our hearts and minds that is often passed down through the generations within cultures. Discipline and encouragement through fellowship are keys.

Originally titled “The Renewal of the Mind,” Life Transformed outlines how to change your thinking, overcome old habits and become the person God designed you to be. John Loren Sandford and his son R. Loren Sandford describe how to de-throne the carnal mind and understand how God heals. They present mental disciplines, prayer habits and the importance of fellowship in prayer groups and church services. More than that, they unveil the inherited generational sins that go back to Adam, how those lines of thought have twisted lives through the generations, and how to restore the functions of the mind and the heart. Loren offers right thinking about the church and authority, and the book concludes with expansion of scriptural references that document God’s copious love for his people who heed his voice and respond to him.


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