Living Waters Catholic Reflection Center

Living Waters Catholic Reflection Center
Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Located in a beautiful Smokey Mountain valley, Living Waters is a serene and peaceful retreat center offering private, preached, directed, and nature retreats. During the warmer months the mountains provide opportunities for hiking and meditative walks.

General Information

In addition to our scheduled retreats, Living Waters Reflection Center offers private and directed retreats year-round.


Facilities at Living Waters are simple and comfortable.  Our small chapel is open to all and can accommodate  eight to ten retreatants.  The Tiffin Room is our main meeting room on the ground floor of Francis Hall as is the Dining Room. A lounge / library is available on the second floor of Francis Hall.  Suites in the main building are double/triple with occupants sharing a bath. There are private rooms on the second floor of Francis Hall. A hospitality room is available to guests in Room 1 of the main building.  For creative activities an art room is located in room 24 of the main building.

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