The White Room

Not that long ago I discovered that I was studying something new in my visions.

It turned out to be a new realm of God.  The sixth realm study in my career.

The first five realms of God that I have studied are obedience, surrender, discipline, acceptance, and grace.  I write about them from time-to-time on my blog, The Value of Sparrows.

This new realm had a different kind of presentation.  The others were just concepts that I studied in my visions and in the world around me.  They were generally set, I guess you could say.  

Obedience could be studied in the story of Abraham in the Book of Genesis, taking his son up a mountain to sacrifice him to God.  Or it could be studied by applying obedience in situations I found myself in in life.  And it was studied by the words of God defining it in my mind and heart and soul.

But this new realm was very different.  In my visions I found myself in an infinitely large white room.  Blank walls.  

Just space.

After a time I perceived a bench by the entryway.  And barres on the walls.  

It was a ballet studio.

It was where I was going to learn how to dance, it seemed.

But what was the room, the dance, all about?

In time, the answer came.

This was the setting where I would learn about the Realm of Love.

In the time I’ve had to look into this study I have discovered that there are five elements to the study. 

They are:

Balance: the maintaining of your position no matter what is going on around you.

Strength: the ability to reach where you want to go

Flexibility: the ability to move in any way that you wish

Poise: the integration of all of you in whatever expression you are in

Beauty: the bringing of everything at all times to the point of expressing love

This, I think, is going to be a wondrous study.

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