Mellos Retreat Center

Mellos Retreat Center

Our home provides a quiet peaceful atmosphere for reflection and renewal; a place to re-connect with our creator, family, friends, church community.


Spread love wherever you go:
First of all in your own house:
Give love to your children,
your siblings, your wife,
your husband, to the next door neighbor.
Let no one ever come to you
Without leaving better and happier.
Be the loving expression of God’s kindness:
Kindness is your face,
Kindness is your smile,
Kindness is your warm greeting.

It is not how much we do in our lives
that is important.
It is how much love we put into what we do!
(Mother Teresa)

More than twenty years ago, Deacon Paul and Helene Mello had a dream to open their home to young and old in order for people to find peace, rest, and the love that Christ can give. Since then thousands of youth and adults have entered their doors and experienced the love, peace, and hospitality of this mountain side retreat.

Today, their dream continues. The Mellos Retreat Center is owned and operated by Terrie and Dave Dumaine, and is located in the beautiful mountains of Southern Vermont. It is a place to take a deep breath, rejuvenate and search for God.

The natural beauty of Southern Vermont with its interesting and varied recreational opportunities provide added enjoyment to your time with us.

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