Mercy Center

Mercy Center 
Burlingame, California


A Place to Meet In Quiet Beauty



Mercy Center opened in 1981 in what had been the novitiate for the Sisters of Mercy, Burlingame Region. From its beginning, Mercy Center attracted people who were seeking a deeper life with God, and the hospitality of the sisters on staff made Mercy Center a spiritual home for many in the Bay Area and beyond. As programs were developed and word of the gifts of Mercy Center spread, people came looking for training in spiritual direction, to learn about meditation, to make a retreat, or to hold a meeting in a place of peace.

Mercy Center is located on a 40-acre site 15 miles south of San Francisco, California. Mercy Center provides a peaceful and holistic environment for women and men of diverse faiths and backgrounds to nourish their spiritual and professional lives, and a convenient location for nonprofit organizations to hold conferences and events.


 Mission Statement

Mercy Center provides a place where women and men can become more attentive to the presence of the Divine in their lives and in the world, and then respond more fully in care of the Earth and service to others – especially the poor and the vulnerable.


Retreats and Programs

Mercy Center is known worldwide for its pioneering work in spiritual direction, Taize prayer, and East-West meditation. Other popular programs include Centering Prayer training, Men’s Retreats, programs in Spanish, and a monthly Speaker Series.

Visitors from around the world come to Mercy Center Burlingame for private retreats. We work with you to plan a silent or directed retreat from one day to one month. All of our bedrooms are individual occupancy for complete privacy. We offer silent dining room space for all meals.

Unwind on our walking paths…

Walk the labyrinth…

Reserve a session of spiritual direction or mindful bodywork…

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We will accommodate your schedule, but space can be limited, so please plan ahead.

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