Midlife Meltdown

midlife meltdownBy Janet Maccaro, Ph.D., CNC

Midlife can be a springboard to a new and exciting era in your life. It is a time to answer the wake-up call of this timely book and start experiencing improved health, spiritual fulfillment, and long-lasting realtionships that will enrich and lengthen your days.

Midlife Meltdown explains what a body needs through pertinent topics, including:

· Proper nutrition for aging bodies – a necessity, not a luxury
· Understanding male and female menopause
· The ideal protocol for taking supplements to attain vibrant health
· Steps for enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness
· Tips for avoiding the top seven causes of degenerative disease

Being a “baby boomer” doesn’t have to drag you down. As part of the largest segment of the population in America, you can make this the most enjoyable time of your life. (Product description)

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