Miracles & Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church

Miracles and manifestations of the HSBy Jeff Doles

God Has Always Done Miracles in His Church — And Still Does.

The Holy Spirit has never left the Church and neither have His supernatural gifts and manifestations. They have been available in every century — from the days of the Apostolic Fathers, to the desert monks of Egypt and Syria, to the missionary outreaches of the Middle Ages, to the Reformation era and the awakenings and revivals that followed, to the Pentecostal explosion of the Twentieth Century and the increase of signs and wonders in the Twenty-first. Miracles, healings, deliverances, prophecies, dreams, visions — even raising the dead — have all been in operation throughout the history of the Church. Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Lutherans, Methodists, Moravians, Presbyterians, Quakers and many others have experienced the supernatural gifts and workings of the Spirit over the centuries. Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church gathers up numerous accounts from a variety of historical sources and provides a handy reference for those who want to know more about: How the Church has understood and operated in the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit at various times in history. Why the gifts and miracles were more frequently in manifestation in some eras than in others. The many ways the Church has ministered in healing and deliverance. How the Holy Spirit manifested in great revivals. How the river of gifts and miracles continues to flow today. (Publisher’s Description)

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