My Limitations

A Maze of Mirrors

It’s almost effortless today to see what my limitation is.

(There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

It’s the fact that I cannot see.

At least not in the real world.

In the unreal world, I’m an absolute wonder.

But here, with my feet sticking to Mother Earth, zip.  Nada. A big, fat zero.

I think it was the way that I was brought up.

To be always standing outside the ring of people before me. 

I think it gave me a kind of spiritual vision problem.

In life, I am far-sighted.  

Now I see that I am far-sighted in my internal eyes, too.

God, I can see.

(Not really, but it works as a metaphor.)

The man across the street, not so much.

I’ve never known what was between the cracks in society.

Or even what was standing right in front of me for a long, long time.

I walk along, confronted by mirror after mirror.  And it isn’t an interesting sight, so I turn inward and think about something else.

And by doing that, I have missed seeing a lot of things.

Everything to me, really, has been a lesson from God.

So anything I happened to look on became part of that lesson.

And my mind just kept clicking away, poking, stirring, bouncing.

What was around me was just elements in a laboratory that I used to work out whatever I was working out at the time.

It is a real wonder for me to sit down and admit that what is real is what is really real.

That rivers flow and stars shine and shirts pull out of a person’s waistband.

It’s not much.

But it’s my limitation:

I can see in visions.

I just can’t see in life.


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