My True Reflection: Freedom from Eating Disorders

My true reflecitonBy Leigh-Ann Brisbin

Faith in Jesus Christ is the one true source of long-term recovery from the pervasive effects of eating disorders that bring confusion and great harm to girls as young as seven, women as old as seventy, and millions in the years between. Even one percent of the male population is dealing with this problem.

Leigh-Ann Brisbin struggled with eating disorders for nineteen years, and through this book she shares openly and compellingly about all she went through until she found lasting freedom through Jesus Christ. The insights and experiences she shares provide the reader with the keys and tools that are needed to acquire total healing and wholeness in every area of life.

This very helpful book is written for all who battle eating disorders, and it is also a helpful guidebook for their loved ones and counselors. There is hope, and there is a pathway to full recovery. (Product description)

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