On Faith


I remember when I was learning about the five realms of God.  The second realm is surrender.  This is when God gives you something you don’t want to accept, but you have no choice.

This is where all the pain of our lives comes to us.

The key to surrender is faith.

And I remember very clearly the visions I had about this.  I am in a very small boat, with a mast and sail in the middle.  And a big storm comes up.  A huge storm.

And the definition of faith that I was taught was that faith is the hanging on to that mast in the face of the storm.

So as I was praying today about faith I saw that I had reduced the concept of faith into what acts we take to endure our sufferings.

What we do with our hands.

It isn’t what our feet do, because there are times when grief and horror are so great in our lives that the best we can do for ourselves is to find a place where we can hunker down and be as still as we can be.


Faith is the stillness that comes to our hands when we have no other choice but to be carried along by God.

There are many ways when we need faith in our lives.  It doesn’t have to be a huge drama, necessarily.

It can just be that we find that we are facing a wall and don’t know what to do about it.

Be still.  And know that I am God.

And hang on.

Sooner or later the storm will die down.  You will find a door in the wall.

And we can move again.

Use our feet.

And our hearts.

And our heads.

To get back to life and love.

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