On Hope

The Big Future

Hope is that smoothness that helps to ease your thoughts into the future.

It might come to us unbidden.  A chance thought that catches our attention.

If only….
Or, Perhaps….

It will be there when I get there.
Or, maybe he will be there.
Or, even, I might get to do it.

All possibilities.
That open the door in our mind that allows us enter the world that hasn’t been yet.

A world of dreams that come to life in our imagination.
Dreams of conceivables.

Hopes are positive dreams.
That promise.

Perhaps hope is God’s way of reassuring us that what lies ahead of us won’t be so bad.

Might even be exciting.

Hope is the kindling of the fire of belief.
Perhaps I can.  Or it can.  Or the world can.

It is our thoughts, after all, that do lead us to creation.
Seeds planted.
Boxes built.
Books read.

We have maps of the world.
Down to the very street we live on.

Hope, then, draws the map of our imagined future.
The turns.
The climbs.
The barriers.

It creates the future.
And just how big it will be.

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