On Light

Peering Through

As a mystic I feel as though I spend much of my time in the dark.  It is a place that shares more with worlds that exist in cartoons than with what we experience in our world every day.  There is a lot of slipping and sliding around.

Silence is crucial.  Knowing how to detect something around you so that you can become still is necessary for survival.

In spite of the increased challenge in finding my way around, however, there is a freedom in the unseen world that I don’t enjoy in the seen world.  The limits to where I can “go” are different than on Earth.   And the power to be equal with that which I am dealing with is very refreshing. 

Access to things like absolute forms of evil gives me an ability to understand matters that I would be unable to understand if I stayed in my body and did the work.

But then there’s this thing called light.

For me, light has very little to do with the sun.

Although I do tend to see better in the dark.  And my significant prayers are prayed in the dark.

When I think of light, though, I think of those experiences of when I am in a visionary state and I sit down in church.  And there before me is the crucifix.

Sometimes the crucifix is dark and wooden.  Or smooth and made of stone.

Other times it is a painted cross.  Or an attempt to be clever and symbolic.

But there are those crucifixes that are content to shine.  They are gold. 

And it is here that the light of Christ melds with the light of the sun and the crucifix shines.  It glows.  It sparkles.

It twinkles.

And as I sit there internally keeping track of what is flowing by me in the unseen world, I feel as though I am peeping through the veil and seeing Christ.

His presence defines my world in the seen realm.

He is my gatekeeper.  My guide.

His existence encourages me to keep going.  And so I do.

But in the end what gives me life is the knowing that one day Jesus will be standing before me, whether I am in the unseen or the seen realm, and his light will be the light of the world.

It will no longer be contained in a cross on the altar.

It will be there. 

In his smile.

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