On Prayer

Slide Show

What a full prayer this was!

The images never stopped.  It was a slide show, with many images all montaged together.

By the end I thought it had become a mosaic.

And then the mosaic was on the ground, under my feet.  Instead of being on a wall.

It was too much, really, to look at.  To take in.

My life has been a path of prayer.

I even wondered, during this time of prayer focusing on the concept of prayer, if every single lesson I have ever learned from God has been about prayer.

But then my mind took a moment and ran a finger gently down over some lessons and I didn’t see anything about prayer.  Specifically.

But I kept wondering.  Wondering if all I have learned about structure and design was just the underpinning, the foundation of prayer.

And for a moment I saw the true meaning of prayer—of our hands reaching out to touch God and be touched by God.

As shown to us in the Sistine Chapel.

I wonder now if we all could just relax and allow ourselves to feel the gentleness, we would accept prayer as a natural part of our lives.


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