Our Lady Of Guadalupe Abbey

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Abbey
Pecos, New Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey is an Olivetan Benedictine monastery located in the Pecos River Canyon 25 miles east of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. We offer group retreats and individual retreats, and spiritual direction. Everyone is welcome.

Please visit us for a day, weekend or longer, or join one of our group retreats, a class from our School of Liturgical Arts, our School of Fine Arts. We are always happy to welcome you.

The Abbey now enters the 71st year of continuous monastic presence in Pecos. We look forward to serving the needs of our neighbors and guests for many years to come.


We, as members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey follow the Rule of St. Benedict in our daily lives. We also follow the Constitutions of our Olivetan Founder, Saint Bernard Tolomei.  As professed members of the Roman Catholic Church we follow her teachings.

Through our consecrated lives, our simple way of life, and our retreat ministry we hope to bring prayer, healing, compassion, and peace to the world as Jesus taught us.

We open our doors for those who seek peace and refuge in a world caught up in change. According to the Rule of St. Benedict, we strive to live in a manner of life that bears witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his mission on Earth. We pray for the world and it’s concerns, and ask the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe in all things, that she may guide us all and fill us with her grace.


Retreat Ministry Statement

We welcome you to Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, NM. Living by the Rule of St. Benedict, we welcome as Christ himself all who pass through the Abbey gates, as it states in chapter 53 of the Rule of St. Benedict:

Let all guests arriving at the monastery be received as Christ Himself, for he will one day say, “I was a stranger and you took me in.” And let all due honor be paid to all, especially, however, to those who are of the household of the faith and to strangers.

When therefore, a guest is announced, let him be met by the superior or by the brethren with all the marks of charity. Let them first pray together and then give the kiss of peace; but this kiss of peace must not be given without prayer having first been said, because of the delusions of the devil. In the salutation itself let all humility be shown. Both on their arrival and on their departure, Christ, Who is indeed received, shall be worshiped in all the guests by an inclination of the head or a full prostration of the body.

Saint Benedict makes it clear in the Rule that not only do we welcome guests, we also pray for them, and this is what we do. We realize that all guests who come here are coming from a world that is hurting and suffering in so many ways. Guests travel many miles to reach this oasis of peace in the desert – for our part we do our best to welcome them and make sure they have an enjoyable experience while they are with us. We hold them in prayer during their stay, even though we don’t know them, or what their needs are, God knows, and so we pray to him and let him do the rest!

We thank you for choosing to visit us, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more spirit filled.

Private and Directed Retreats

Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey is a monastery with private rooms, hermitages, and retreat facilities for individuals and groups. Retreatants may participate in our prayer life but are not required to do so.

Our retreat facilities include:

  • Simply appointed comfortable rooms
  • Hermitages with simple kitchen facilities
  • Monastic chapel, always open to retreatants
  • 1000 acres of mountain property with Pecos Riverfront and Monastery Lake
  • Auditorium and meeting rooms.

Retreatants and guests are welcome to join the community at all services. Spiritual direction is available upon prior arrangement.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel

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