Prayer and Spiritual Warfare: Spiritual Victory for the 21st Century

prayer and spiritual warfareBy Amilliah Kenya

Spiritual warfare is a reality that faces Christians every day.

Their daily walk with the Lord and fight with Satan affects every aspect of their life: their personal victory, the state of their families, their interaction with the world around them, and their ultimate service and performance on earth. Every Christian finds himself harassed and under the relentless hand of the enemy. Spiritual casualties surround us on every side. Luke warmness, defeat, and compromise seem to be the order of day. Deep within the heart of every true Christian stands a hunger to please his Master. This book focuses on that deep cry, the spiritual seed within. It equips the child of God and steadies him to a life of spiritual fulfillment in Christ as he fights and wins spiritual battles.

Nobody is born a natural spiritual fighter. Like any army which recruits soldiers and trains them before releasing them to the battle field, the Christian soldier likewise has to be trained. His training is crucial knowing that the enemy he is fighting does not give him a chance to train before launching his attacks.

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare equips and encourages the believer to effectively stand against the deceptive schemes of Satan by applying scriptural truths. It teaches the nature of the spiritual battle, what it takes to win battles, and weapons that are used to fight in this warfare. It trains God’s soldiers to receive and obey orders from the War General God. It discloses the deceptive schemes of the enemy and equips believers to deal with opposition and stand their ground in battle. It exalts Christ and points to His role in spiritual warfare. It weaves practical modern day – 21st century – struggles that face Christians and the church as a whole with scriptural truths of God’s Word to combat spiritual apathy. Yes! Christians can fight the enemy with courage and be the light of the world today. (Publisher’s description)

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