Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace

praying with the earthBy John Philip Newell

Morning and evening prayers for the peace of the whole world.

For each morning and evening of the week, John Philip Newell provides strikingly beautiful and profound prayers that call us to be the people Jesus named blessed: “those who know their need,” “those who weep,” “the humble,” “those who hunger for earth’s oneness,” “the forgiving,” “the clear in heart,” and “the peacemakers.”

We as Jews, Christians, and Muslims share a common spiritual descent, yet painful divisions between us lie at the center of much conflict and war in the world today.  Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace articulates the deep longings for peace that unite these great spiritual traditions.

Whether prayed alone or with others, these richly illustrated, simple liturgies invite and inspire us to live as those whose hearts yearn for peace. (Publisher’s description)

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