Primordial Love Poem

(by Diane Wolverton)

I want to adore your body
just as it is.
I want to adore every scar,
every fold and crevice.
I want to know every hair,
where all your moles are,
every corn on your foot,
and especially
the places that make you insecure
so I can adore them most of all.

I want to notice every part of you,
like the undulating ocean of your eyes
and love especially the right one
when it gets tired
and a little bit red.

I want to know every place
it feels good to touch,
how much or how little,
how soft, how hard,
how fast, how slow.
And once I learn these things
with my eyes
then my nose
then my ears
then my fingers,
I want to teach  my mouth
the tasting of you—
every inch of you.

I want to experience
you all in all,
through all five senses.
No, not five, 
but six.

I want to experience you
through my sixth sense
and come to know
your soul.

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