Prophetic Wisdom

By Graham Cooke  

God does not measure time, He measures growth. How we respond to the prophetic word dictates what will happen to it and to us.

Without insight, however, many prophetic words are relegated to words in a file. It is possible to live with a sense of promise but have small means of fulfillment. God’s word changes us first and then works through us to provoke the faith required to take  the necessary steps of alignment.

Timing is more important than time in God’s purposes. Enlightenment enables us to understand how the Lord loves to work in our lives so that we increase in grace and favor as we practice taking possession of the prophetic word. In this  third book in the Prophetic Equipping series, Graham Cooke provides revelatory insights into how prophecy practically unfolds and combines that with intuitive observations into the process of spiritual development. (Product description)

Available at Christian Healing Ministries

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