Purifying the Prophetic

purifying the propheticBy R. Loren Sandford

The Church’s sure foundation: Are we watching it crumble?

The Western Church is slowly slipping away from her biblical moorings, warns prophetic pastor Loren Sandford. And by doing so she is sinking into a culture repelled by the demands of biblical truth.

Genuine spiritual experience is being displaced by the need for
ongoing excitement.
Selfless life and ministry are shifting into a personal
prosperity gospel.
The prophetic voice too often caters to the perceived needs
of the people.

God planned a different culture for His people, explains Sandford, one that lives the message of Jesus and His cross. Join those who embrace a vision for cleansing the prophetic stream; who are rediscovering miracles, healings and demonstrations of power; and who are rebuilding a firm foundation. (Publisher’s description)

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