Renewing the Face of the Earth: A Theological and Pastoral Response to Climate Change

renewing the face of the earthBy David John Atkinson

This important and timely study provides a much needed theological framework for considering and responding to the challenges of climate change. In a highly readable and clear style, it explores the spiritual questions being opened up by this issue: questions about human life and destiny, about our relationship to the planet and to each other, about altruism and selfishness, about the place of technology, about justice, our values and hopes. A practical exploration of these questions is set in the context of the biblical notions of covenant – God’s commitment to creation which David Atkinson sees as the ‘inner meaning’ of creation, and sabbath – regular times of rest and replenishment for humans and for the earth itself. Seeing climate changes in the light of these biblical concepts reveals a strong moral imperative to act in ways that are help to bring about the New Testament hope that the whole of creation will one day be renewed in Christ. (Publisher’s description)

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