Restoring The Christian Family: A Biblical Guide to Love, Marriage, and Parenting in a Changing World

restoring the christian familyBy John Loren & Paula Sandford

Gender roles of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and healthy relationship within the Christian family are keys to functionality. John and Paula Sandford give Biblical foundations for moms, dads, singles, divorcees and widows.

In Restoring the Christian Family, John and Paula Sandford take serious looks at proper roles among men and women, husbands and wives. They describe healthy relationships between Fathers as dads with their sons and daughters. They discuss the hearts of mothers as moms relate to their boys and girls. Based on Biblical foundations, John and Paula tell you how to root out bitterness in your life and restore functionality to your family – even if you are single, divorced or widowed. Families of God can be empowered to cut free of dysfunction, include forgiveness in their relationships, and have new life in the Spirit. (Publisher’s description)

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