Shattered, and Then: A Journey to Sexual Healing and Integration

shattered and thenBy Laurie Morris

Never shared publicly before, Laurie’s testimony is one of healing and hope for those ravaged by betrayal of a sexual nature. Her struggles together with her husband – and after his early death –  alone have paved a road of healing from such impossible wounds as Dissociative Identity Disorder and homosexuality. Her husband granted her his deathbed permission to reveal matters not easily broached in church ministries. With a passion to reach those lives shattered and similarly devastated, Laurie is a compelling model of transparency. She has reached out over the years with humor and honesty, using prayer counseling from various Christian models. For anyone dealing with sexual issues and bondage to them, this testimony is a must-read book. It took great courage to write this book but if we are to have a strong enough net for the coming harvest and do a better job of healing our wounded stories like this one need to be told. In a poignant, practical and powerful way, Laurie gives hope to the hurting and valuable insights to those called to heal them. (Publisher’s description)

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