Shattered Vows: Hope And Healing For Women Who Have Been Sexually Betrayed

shattered vowsBy Debra Laaser  

Infidelity doesn’t have to ruin your life – or your marriage If you have been devastated by your husband’s sexual betrayal – whether an isolated incident or a long-term pattern of addiction – you need to know you don’t have to live as a victim. If you choose to stay in your marriage, you have options other than punishing, tolerating, or ignoring your spouse; in fact, extraordinary growth awaits a woman willing to deal with the pain of her husband’s struggles with sexual purity. Even if a spouse will not participate in a program for healing, a woman who has been sexually betrayed can change her own life in powerful and permanent ways. This sensitive guide provides practical tools to help you make wise and empowering decisions, emotional tools to develop greater intimacy in your life, and spiritual tools to transform your suffering. Debra Laaser’s personal journey through betrayal, her extensive work with hundreds of hurting women, and her intimate marriage two decades after the disclosure of her husband’s infidelity provide meaningful answers to the questions that arise amid the complex fallout of broken vows. The pain endured from sexual betrayal can break your heart, but it does not need to break your life. (Publisher’s description)

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