Somebody, Free Me: The Food Addict’s Silent Cry

somebody free meBy Cheryl L. Guy

There is something very therapeutic about hearing someone else share the story of her own personal struggle. Somebody, Free Me is written from that point of view. It’s as if you are sitting in the circle of a twelve-step recovery session and are listening to a fellow struggler share her journey toward healing. Cheryl has a way of sharing her pain through the lens of family and faith which provides both a sense of honesty and hope. I pray God blesses you as you read it. —Jeff Leake, author of God In Motion.

Cheryl Guy is a perfect example of how God can take someone who is in great bondage and propel her toward healing by the power of his love and leading. —Barb Priestap, Gannon University faculty member, mother of three, wife of one and sister in the Lord.

Cheryl provides very poignant word pictures that will help the reader understand the emotional pain of someone with food addiction issues and the recovery process. —Melodie Leake, Allison Park Church Marriage Matters Pastor.

No one has a unique challenge in life. Maybe you don’t have an eating disorder. But whatever you may be facing, you’ll find many intersecting points between your story and Cheryl’s. At those intersections, you will feel encouraged and a sense of healing just for you! —Al Detter, Pastor since 1975.

My interest peaked immediately as I began to read Somebody, Free Me. As someone who’s spent nearly a lifetime in personal “battles” with food, I was drawn in by Cheryl’s heartfelt words about her struggles with bulimia and her active choice of recovery. Readers will discover many positive coping strategies to help move them towards freedom from food addiction. —Jane Kanter, University Director of the Learning Disabilities Program.

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