St. Anthony Retreat Center

St. Anthony Retreat Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

Mission and Purpose Of Saint Anthony Retreat Center

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts have as their mission to contemplate, live, and announce to the world the redeeming love of God as seen in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Anthony Retreat Center invites individuals and groups to share the quiet atmosphere of Kalihi Valley. All persons whose philosophy and spirituality are in harmony with that of St. Anthony Retreat Center are welcomed to spend time in prayer, reflection and meditation.


Retreats and Spiritual Direction Sponsored by St. Anthony Retreat Center

Women’s Faith Sharing Group

How do women seek contentment in a world that is always demanding so much from them?  Juggling the demands of their careers, family life, and other responsibilities can be a daunting task.  But in seeking God first, true contentment and peaceful acceptance can be attained.  Come seek God’s Word for you!

Learning Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina or “Divine Reading” is an ancient Benedictine practice of reading, meditating, and praying on scripture to increase faith and draw closer to God.  Come, bring your Bible, and learn and practice Lectio Divina.

Grief Retreat

Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
(Matthew 5:4)

In November we remember our beloved dead.  On November 1st we celebrate All Saints Day, and on November 2nd, All Souls Day.  This can be a painful time for those who have lost a loved one. Participants will be lead through Mass, prayer, and reflection in their time of greatest need.  Come and let the healing begin.

Retreat Facilities

St. Anthony Retreat Center has several facility options: the Historic Buildings or the Heritage Circle. These separate areas ensure privacy and quiet for multiple retreat groups attending at one time.

The Historic Halls

Sacred Heart Hall is the original Kalihi orphanage built by the Brothers of the Sacred Hearts in 1909. The rooms remain roughly the same: dormitory for sleeping, dining hall, chapel, private rooms etc.

Immaculate Heart Hall was originally used at the children’s recreation hall. Built around 1920—30, the IHH has seating for 45-60 persons. The first floor and basement pro-vide for additional dormitory accommodations.

Heritage Circle

Bishop Libert Hall, named after Bishop Libert Boeynaems, is the conference center for this circle of buildings. The Hall has three separate air conditioned rooms which may be opened to accommodate 124.

Mother Alexandrine Hall is named after the first Sister superior of the Kalihi Orphanage. The dining room accommodates 77 persons. A small service kitchen allows the SARC staff to prepare and serve meals in a separate area.

Sister Mary Gertrude Center is named after the founding Sister of our retreat center. MGC consists of 20 double occupancy rooms. Each room has two twin beds, private bath, and air conditioning. Two retreat master suites give those facilitating the retreat experience extra planning and praying space.

Saint Damien House is named after Father Damien, the “Leper of Molokai,” and member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. This deck and retreat lounge overlooks the stream and landscaped areas of the center. This room accommodates small groups of 25-30. A small kitchenette provides an area to prepare refreshments.

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