St. Anthony Spirituality Center

St. Anthony Spirituality Center


“Come all who hunger and you shall be filled.”


St. Anthony Spirituality Center stands gracefully amid pines, maples, and birch, nestled on the bank of the Rib River. Enjoy the 45 acres as you walk the trails, looking for wildlife. Rest in the screen house and listen to the birds. Walk the labirynth. Build a fire in the firepit as darkness unfolds.

St. Anthony Spirituality Center is a community, a staff, and a place rooted in the Gospel of Jesus as lived out joyfully by St. Francis of Assisi. We provide atmosphere, guidance, and support for people of all beliefs and financial backgrounds who are searching to become more fully human-more deeply connected with God, self, others, and creation.


Our Mission

The St. Anthony community welcomes all seeking healing, hope and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others and Creation. We gather to embrace and grow in Franciscan Values.


Upcoming events

Our calendar is full of retreats designed to help you grow closer to God, creation and who you were meant to be. Peruse our listings to find the perfect retreat or event to soothe your soul or inspire your life.


What to Expect On Retreat

What’s all involved in the experience of a retreat?


It’s all about You and God!



No phones. No TV. No email. No one will bother you for anything! In our noisy world, it is often hard to hear God’s voice. Some people think they can’t be quiet for a whole weekend. But they discover that this quiet is the best part of the retreat.

Prayer with others 

Morning and evening prayer with other retreatants

Eucharist celebrated with great reverence

Healing service

Time for personal prayer & reflection

Lots of time to talk to and listen to God in your own heart.

Your own private room.

You can visit the chapel or walk around the
beautiful 52-acre property.

Walk the outdoor Stations of the Cross and a labyrinth.

Many quiet rooms for reading and prayer.

Peaceful rest and relaxation

You can relax in your own private room and just sit in your easy
chair to rest or reflect. A lot of people tell us they take several

Several comfortable lounges are available where you can sit and
perhaps browse through the many books which are available in
the first floor library or in the bookstore.

Informative & inspirational talks by staff

Our preached retreats offer a theme that is carried through the entire weekend in each talk and prayer service. Both priests and lay people offer insights. Many times during retreat people begin to think more deeply about their life in God and what they truly desire. Gentle listening, spiritual direction and reconciliation are available to everyone all weekend.

Massage is available to relax your body, too

We are people of the incarnation — we believe that the body is sacred and should be treated with tenderness. For this reason massage is available during retreat.

Great meals

Simple, tasty, nourishing meals prepared lovingly and attentively by a superb kitchen staff. You won’t have to prepare your meals, nor clean up and do dishes afterwards! Special dietary needs are gladly accommodated.

Renewal and refreshment for body and spirit

People come away feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to take up the challenges of everyday living.

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