Still Growing

Still growingBy Donald Capps  

The later-adult years are commonly viewed as a period in which one struggles to maintain a vestige of the physical, mental, and emotional vitality of one’s earlier years. In Still Growing, however, Donald Capps contends that older adulthood is actually a period of growth and development, and that a central feature of this growth and development is the remarkable creativity of older adults. This creativity is the consequence of the wisdom gained through years of experience but is also due to a newly developed capacity to adapt to unprecedented challenges integral to the aging process. Part One illustrates the challenges of transitioning to older adulthood from the author’s own experiences. Part Two draws on material from Erik H. Erikson, Sigmund Freud, and Paul W. Pruyser to account for longevity, adaptability, and creativity in older adults. Finally, Part Three focuses on the work of both William James and Walt Disney to fashion a model of creative aging.

“It can no longer be said that theological education neglects the study of aging. Perhaps seminaries neglected aging a couple of decades ago. But now, most or all seminaries have courses on life cycle theory, pastoral care of older adults, or sections on aging within specialized courses. Written by the most influential pastoral theologian in the history of the discipline, Still Growing is an exciting contribution of a prolific author who is still growing.” –Nathan Carlin, University of Texas Medical School, Houston, TX

Still Growing ought to be required reading for anyone who engages in pastoral care ministry with adults over age seventy. For those who are making the transition to older adulthood, Capps offers insights on how to navigate the road ahead with courage, creativity, humor, and an abiding sense of hope. He does so with the wisdom of a ‘senior adult’ and the winsomeness of a pastoral theologian who is still young at heart.” –Carol L. S. Schweitzer, Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, VA (Product description)

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