Strategic Weapons of Our Warfare (Spiritual Warfare Series)

strategic weapons of our spiritual warfareBy Dr. Elsie Clark

This spiritual warfare book is a wonderful resource for those who are serious about their walk of victory.

Apostle Dorothy Matthews, N.C. Apostles, Bishops and Pastors, ascribes the title, “God’s General” to Dr. Elsie Clark because of her numerous books and spiritual warfare teachings across the years. She explains spiritual warfare strategically so you will gain absolute victory. This book will take you to the next level in spiritual warfare training. Two known people were raised from the dead through Dr. Clark’s spiritual warfare teachings through documented letters from Pastor Clara Milton, VA and Connie Adams of CA.

Dr. Clark has written twelve volume series on Spiritual Warfare that includes this book. Her vision is to build multiple ministries to win multiple souls into the Kingdom of God. (Publisher’s description)

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