• 50 Ways to Help Save the Earth: How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

    50 Ways-to-Help-Save-the-EarthBy Rebecca Barnes

    This guide outlines fifty ways in which you, your congregation, and your local community can help fight global warming and enjoy participation in a vital part of Christian discipleship. 50 Ways to Help Save the Earth makes a clear connection, in a practical and ...

  • A New Harmony

    a new harmony

    By John Philip Newell  

    A New Harmony is a more holistic and natural way of thinking about faith.

    In his previous book, Christ of the Celts, J. Philip Newell emphasized the Celtic view of the oneness of creation and humanity as expressed through Christ. ...

  • Christian Faith and the Earth: Current Paths and Emerging Horizons in Ecotheology

    christian faith and the earthEdited by Ernst M. Conradie, Sigurd Bergmann, Celia Deane-Drummond, & Denis Edwards

    Christianity has often been accused for being complicit in ecological destruction. In response, Christian ecotheology offers both a Christian critique of environmental destruction and an ecological critique of Christianity. It thus encourages ...

  • Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for God’s Creation

    Earth-GospelBy Sam Hamilton-Poore

    Do something for the environment — pray for the earth.

    The icecaps are melting. The air we breathe and the water we drink are polluted. Forests are being cleared of oxygen-making trees and ecosystem-integral wildlife.

    Our daily lives impact our earth — mostly leaving negative footprints. The ...

  • Earth Revealing—Earth Healing Ecology and Christian Theology

    Earth revealingEdited by Denis Edwards  

    The damage human beings are doing to the atmosphere, the seas, the rivers, the land, and the life- forms of the planet is extreme and deadly. It constitutes a crisis that demands all of humanity’s wisdom, ingenuity, and commitment. The whole human ...

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