Emotional Healing

  • Only a Miracle

    only a miracleBy Bea Hall 

    She Knew It Would Take a Miracle to Overcome Despair, the Mental and Physical Abuse

    Bea Hall tells her story of overcoming despair, loneliness, suicide, and mental and physical abuse. She shares the devastation of widowhood, abusive situations, and divorce, and ...

  • Set Free: God’s Healing Power for Abuse Survivors and Those Who Love Them

    set freeBy Jan Coates

    If you – or someone you love – experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as a child, you know something of the brokenness, anger and helplessness that resulted from it. But there is hope when God reaches down and lifts you up.

    Jan Coates will introduce you ...

  • Shadow Boxing: The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within

    shadow boxingBy Dr. Henry Malone

    This book is for the tired, the defeated, the frustrated, and the ashamed. For the hurt and broken, those walking in powerlessness and fear. For all who have found truth but are failing miserably at living it. For those walking in bondage and ...

  • Suicide, Despair and Soul Recovery: Finding the Light of God

    suicide, despair, and soul recoveryBy Ken Stifler

    Offering a psycho-spiritual approach to the problem of suicide, Dr. Stifler speaks directly to the individual who is contemplating suicide, has survived a recent suicide attempt, or who is suffering a chronic form of self-neglect, offering perspective, hope and the possibility ...

  • The Power of Healing Prayer: Overcoming Emotional and Psychological Blocks

    the power of healing prayerBy Richard McAlear  

    Illness comes in many forms and too often we’re told to ignore it, hide it, or simply run away from it.

    With decades of service in the healing ministry as both a teacher and one called upon to pray for ...

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