Holy Spirit

  • The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

    the mystery of the HSBy R. C. Sproul

    Who is the Holy Spirit? How can we know he’s working in us? Drawing on biblical and theological resources, Sproul looks at the Spirit’s role in creation and re-creation—our salvation and sanctification; and considers perplexing issues such as the ...

  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

    the person and work of the HSBy R. A. Torrey. 

    What are the gifts of the Spirit? What’s the difference between baptism with the Spirit and the filling of the Spirit? What about speaking with tongues? In this classic,The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit,  comprehensive ...

  • The Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God

    By Joy Lamb  

    This wonderful book, written by the creator of CHM’s intercessory prayer program, is based upon the fact that God’s inspired Word is the best way to pray and to combat evil. Through this powerful handbook, Mrs. Lamb teaches Christians how to pray Holy ...

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