• Can You Hear Me? Tuning Into the God Who Speaks

    By Brad Jersak

    This book is written for anyone who wants to hear God’s voice.

    It is written for disillusioned churchgoers, and for those who’ve left the church but haven’t left God. It is written for Christian pastors and leaders who want to equip their people with “ears ...

  • Crafted Prayer

    Bycrafted prayerGraham Cooke  

    The Being With God series by Graham Cooke, author of the bestselling Developing Your Prophetic Gifting examines different aspects of spirituality from slightly unusual angles. These books are interactive journals, filled with practical guidance in the form of prayers, exercises, actions and meditations woven throughout the text. ...

  • Hearing God In A Noisy World: Prayer as Listening

    hearing god in a noisy worldBy Timothy L. Owings

    In a world rapidly moving toward secularity, where violence and tragedy have seemed to join forces with loneliness and relational abandonment, does God still hear and answer prayer?

    Hearing God in a Noisy World answers with a resounding, “Yes!” ...

  • Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction

    holy listeningBy Margaret Guenther

    Guenther uses the images of the spiritual director as host, teacher, and midwife to describe the ministry of spiritual direction today. She pays particular attention to spiritual direction for women, and addresses such down-to-earth questions as setting, time, and privacy. The stories of ...

  • How To Listen When God Is Speaking: A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics

    how to listen when god is speakingBy Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ

    How do we listen to God speak to our hearts, minds, and wills — especially above the noise and stress of the modern world?

    What is the process of discerning God’s will? Best-selling author and popular EWTN host ...

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