• Expecting Miracles: True Stories of God’s Supernatural Power and How You Can Experience It

    ExpectingMiracles_7_25.inddBy Heidi Baker & Rolland Baker  

    Most of us are astonished by stories of modern-day miracles.

    Heidi and Rolland Baker expect them.

    During more than a decade of service in Mozambique, Heidi and Rolland Baker have witnessed countless miracles. Now they show you how you can have a part in ...

  • God, Medicine, and Miracles: The Spiritual Factor in Healing

    God, medicine and miraclesBy Daniel Fountain

    Have you ever gone into a doctor’s office and come out feeling like a laboratory project rather than a human being? This book offers a refreshing perspective.

    In Dr. Daniel’s forty years in the medical community, he has discovered an important truth: people ...

  • In Search of a Miracle

    in-search-of-a-miracleBy Hugh & Khara Bromiley  

    In Search of a Miracle is a tremendous resource of information, encouragement, and practical guidance, whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.  If you would like to experience healing in your life and want direction, this book guides you ...

  • Keys To Receiving Gods Miracles: Healing, Provision, Protection, Wisdom, Strength

    keys to receiving God's miraclesBy  E.W. Kenyon & Don Gossett

    We believe in miracles when we read about them in the Bible, but do we have enough faith to believe in such miracles today? In Keys to Receiving God’s Miracles, best-selling authors Kenyon and Gossett reveal principles to ...

  • Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints, and Healing in the Modern World

    medical miraclesBy Jacalyn Duffin  

    Modern culture tends to separate medicine and miracles, but their histories are closely intertwined. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes saints through canonization based on evidence that they worked miracles, as signs ...

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