• Prayer Is Good Medicine

    prayer is good medicineBy Larry Dossey 

    Based on his groundbreaking work linking prayer and health, the author offers new ways of looking at prayer and tells us how we can harness its remarkable healing powers. No matter what form your faith takes, this book will ...

  • Prayer Portions

    prayer-portionsBy Sylvia Gunter  

    A 360-page intercessory prayer manual with sections on praise, repentance, warfare, personal devotional life, and intercession. Practical resources to use in leading groups as well as challenge and encouragement in developing a well-rounded prayer life with your Father in heaven who ...

  • Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God

    praying in colorBy Sybil MacBeth

    Need help communicating with God?  Maybe you hunger to know God better. Maybe you love color. Maybe you are a visual or kinesthetic learner, a distractable or impatient soul, or a word-weary pray-er. Perhaps you struggle with a short attention ...

  • Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey into Meditative Prayer

    sanctuary of the soulBy Richard J. Foster

    Richard Foster, bestselling author and founder of Renovaré, writes these words as one who has experienced what they describe.

    And in this new book he will beautifully guide you in this transformational way, that you might come to know ...

  • The Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer

    the breath of a soulBy Joan Chittister  

    This simple little book from a great spiritual giant attends to what we human beings are most inclined to forget, preparing for and engaging in prayer. It is an examination of what we ourselves must bring to ...

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