Spiritual Warfare

  • 101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

    101 answers to questions about satanBy Mark Hitchcock

    What is spiritual warfare? Who is Satan? How can I resist temptation and walk in the Spirit?

    In 101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare, bestselling author Mark Hitchcock will take you to the ultimate resource for guidance ...

  • Defeating Dark Angels: Breaking Demonic Oppressions in the Believer’s Life

    defeating dark angelsBy Charles H. Kraft

    Ed’s fourteen-year-old daughter had just told him, “There seems to be something inside me that takes over at times.” He was nonplussed. What could he do?

    In hundreds of such desperate situations, Charles Kraft has seen God break demonic oppression in believers’ lives ...

  • Deliver Us from Evil : Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture

    deliver us from evilBy Ravi Zacharias

    In this compelling volume, Ravi Zacharias examines the mystery of evil.

    This brilliant writer and gifted teacher traces how secularization has led to a loss of shame, pluralization has led to a loss of reason, and privatization has led to a loss of ...

  • Deliverance and Inner Healing

    deliverance and inner healing

    By John Loren Sandford & Mark Sandford

    John Loren and Mark Sandford address deep and difficult theological issues in their discussion of Deliverance and Inner Healing. Making clear distinctions between the field of deliverance from demons, and inner healing of spiritual wounds, this substantial ...

  • Deliverance from Evil Spirits

    By Francis MacNutt

    Do evil spirits oppress people today? This practical manual covers such subjects as clearing away misconceptions about deliverance, the Scriptural basis for deliverance, curses and the power of false judgment, preparation for deliverance ministry, praying for deliverance, and deliverance of places. (Publisher’s description)

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