• A Touching Place: The Ministry of Healing in the Local Church

    A-Touching-Place-The-Ministry-of-Healing-in-the-Local-ChurchBy John Gunstone  

    This is a practical handbook for all local churches that are developing the ministry of healing. It explores biblical teaching on healing, healing through the sacraments, creating prayer ministry teams, training, planning and conducting healing services, accountability, boundaries and confidentiality, the ministry of listening ...

  • Can These Bones Live Again? Healing the Wounded Church

    can these bones live againBy Don Shackelford  

    God is asking His church to see the wounded soldiers of the cross through His eyes and asking the ever-important question to those engaged in this battle called life: “In your opinion, can the fallen church members ever be used ...

  • Church Hurt: The Wounded Trying to Heal

    church hurtBy Angela Corprew-Boyd

    The body of Christ is full of people who have been wounded by Christians or the church. Author Dr. Angela Corprew-Boyd helps the hurting recognize they are not alone and provides them with wisdom and knowledge to reach out to Christ and receive deliverance ...

  • Churches That Heal: Becoming a Church That Mends Broken Hearts and Restores Shattered Lives

    churches that healBy Doug Murren

    Why should churches heal? Does your church touch the lives of broken people and bring healing to their hearts? How does a church become that healing force that glorifies God and impacts whole communities? In a desperately hurting world full of toxic relationships, ...

  • Divine Worship and Human Healing: Liturgical Theology at the Margins of Life and Death

    divine worship and human healingBy Bruce T. Morrill

    Would many believers consider a wake or funeral an act of worship? What does it mean to say that in anointing the sick or administering Viaticum to the dying humans are healed? Such questions plumb the biblical and traditional depths ...

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