Arts And Faith

Celebrating Your Creative Expressions Of Faith

About Arts & Faith

From Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel to Broadway’s Jesus Christ Superstar, the arts have long been a natural and expressive component of our faith.

Though some may think the arts are reserved for these cultural giants, our Arts and Faith series shows that faith and love can be expressed in any way that strengthens your relationship to God. However you apply your creativity to your faith — through sewing, sculpting, design, fashion, cooking, collage, spoken word, photography, poetry, modern dance, and so on — you are showing reverence to God and the talents you possess.

The Arts and Faith series celebrates how faith is revealed and deepened through these art forms, which include the performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, music, and film. We hope these stories will inspire you to tap your own talents to find God’s presence. Join us in celebrating these expressions of our faith, and share your own stories as well!

Culinary Arts

The connection between food and faith has always been present, from Jesus’s first miracle at the wedding at Cana to today’s celebration of the Eucharist at Mass. The stories in this section illuminate all the ways we nourish our souls at the intersection of food and faith.


Movies have long been a portal for people to escape, explore, and expand their worldviews. This section presents stories of people who use the silver screen to define and explore a lived faith. Please, enjoy the show!


Music is a direct and melodious release for the reverence and joy we feel when we worship. Look below for articles about cantors, religion teachers, organists, and choir directors who illustrate the central role music plays in our faith.

Performing Arts

The performing arts help us express our faith through action, bringing Jesus’ message to life on the stage. Enjoy the stories below about Catholics who spread the Good News of Christ through the dramatic arts and movement.

Visual Arts

Swirling paint on a canvas, sculpting wet hunks of clay, crafting with kids—these are all ways we can express our faith through the visual arts. Click the links below to discover stories about Catholics who share their faith visually and can help deepen yours.


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