Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts

Welcome to the CCCA

The Center for Christianity, Culture, and the Arts is founded on the belief that the interrelationship between contemporary artmaking, theology, and religious tradition holds much richer potential for exploration and study than it has yet received. The work of the Center is devoted to expanding and deepening this interrelationship through a threefold mission:

  1. To provide a forum of artists and scholars who are thinking seriously (from various points of view) about the religious, spiritual, and/or theological implications of the arts today. The Center hosts a variety of events and creates new online resources designed to foster greater visibility for these artists and scholars and to cultivate a more robust conversation at the nexus of contemporary art and theology.
  1. To facilitate and produce new research aimed at (a) rereading the histories of modern and contemporary art with more careful attention to the religious contexts within which they emerged and the theological concerns with which they were engaged, and (b) developing more agile and compelling theological intelligences within contemporary art theory and criticism.
  1. To encourage a deeper awareness of the historical depths and diversity of the Christian theological-aesthetic imagination.

Core Components

Visiting Artists and Scholars

Through annual symposia, lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences, CCCA brings together culture makers and strategic thinkers from the academy, the art world, and various communities to dialog and discuss intersections of the arts and faith.

Fine and Performing Arts Events

The CCCA sponsors and cosponsors fine and performing arts events both on and off campus, including (but not limited to) gallery exhibitions, film screenings, book or poetry readings, concerts, and theatrical events.


The CCCA provides valuable and accessible online resources for anyone interested in the nexus of Christianity, culture, and the arts. This free content includes recorded lectures, interviews, essays, reviews, exhibition catalogs, and archived material from CCCA events.

Promoting New Work

The CCCA is committed to the creation, exhibition, performance, and/or publication of new works of art and writing. We aim to support and encourage both emerging and accomplished contemporary artists and scholars who have something to contribute to contemporary Christian thinking and making within the arts.

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