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The Echo Of Hate There is something that is left after you have forgiven someone.  And what is left feels like ashes. Soft flakes of what you can pick up after all that emotion has been burnt away. Forgiveness can be very efficient at deleting from your mind and heart and soul that shackle that kept you folding over in pain at the memory of the event. Forgiveness can be the key.  But what is left over when you are free has its own...

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Burnt Offering Ashes: What is left over after the flame goes out. The fire. The fire of anger.  The fire of lust.  The fire of enthusiasm. Wholeness in pieces. My wholeness. My completeness. How do I function in pieces? Broken apart. My heart over here; my hand over there. Even if they retained their wholeness. Their completeness. I am broken apart. Scattered. Vulnerable to the the threatening wind. Or I could soak into the ground....

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