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O ften your tasks will be many, And more than you think you can do. Often the road will be rugged And the hills insurmountable, too. But always remember, The hills ahead Are never as steep as they seem, And with Faith in your heart Start upward And climb ’til you reach your dream. For nothing in life that is worthy Is ever too hard to achieve If you have the courage to try it, And you have the faith to believe. For faith is a...

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Peace Begins In The Home And The Heart Peace is not something you fight for with bombs and missiles that kill, Nor can it be won in a battle of words man fashions by scheming and skill. For men who are greedy and warlike, whose avarice for power cannot cease, Can never contribute in helping to bring this world nearer to peace. For in seeking peace for all people, there is only one place to begin And that is within each home and heart,...

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