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This is my prayer, that I shall never find The secret of thy name; Never attain to bind The zone of thought about thy formless flame. Grant me the grace that I may never hear The one resolving chord Which shall at last make clear The deep harmonic mystery of my Lord. Shield thou my sense, that I may never know All that thy love can be; Let not my probing go To the dread heart of thy divinity. Wrapped in thy quiet, I do but ask to...

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The Unknown My whole life has been about The Mystery.  The mystery of God.  The mystery of life.  And this whole mystery thing has meant two things to me: the unknown and being wrong. The unknown feels like a bottomless chasm.  It only feels bottomless.  But, in fact, when it’s time for The Mystery to be resolved, I land at the bottom.  Hard.  Absolute.  The Truth Revealed. But in the meantime, between knowing that there is some...

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