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A Prayer Against Violence Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you that through your death on the cross you disarmed the powers of evil. Help us, we pray you, to enter into your victory and to stand in your authority against all evil. Send forth your light and your truth, O Lord. Bring to light the deeds of darkness and let plans of violence and murder be revealed. By the power of your Holy Spirit convict those who have allowed their minds to...

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Prayer For An End To Violence, War, And Killing O Loving God, We so often, and for so long, hear the guns and rockets, drones, and bombs. We see the pictures of killings in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Nigeria, Sudan and South Sudan, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, Central African Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and all the others. Wrap all and each of these your people in your love.  Let them hear: “Come to me you who...

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