The Christine Center

The Christine Center


For Spiritual Deepening and Global Transformation


The Christine Center, Willard, Wisconsin, is an interfaith Center rooted in the Catholic mystical tradition and founded by the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. Our vision is to facilitate a way of life that fosters an awareness of a deeper inner reality, leading to oneness with all of creation.

Organizations, individuals, groups, teachers, and students are invited to share the energy of this sacred space. Individual retreats, group retreats, seminars, sabbatical opportunities, and a spiritual lifestyle program are available.

The Center is situated in a tranquil forest setting with guest house, hermitages (small cabins), and camping on 120 secluded acres. For more than 20 years the Center has served the spiritual needs of thousands of people from all over the world.


Our Vision

Grounded in the spiritual lineage of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, the Christine Center is rooted in the Catholic contemplative tradition. With our emphasis on meditation, mystical spirituality and holistic integration people of many faith traditions come for inner growth and spiritual development. Affirming that all is One, we warmly welcome and encourage seekers and practitioners of all spiritual paths.

We dedicate ourselves to offering unique opportunities for growth, healing and spiritual deepening. As we grow in depth and integrity and put our inner wisdom into inspired practice, we are changed and we participate in the transformation of the world.

You are welcome here as part of a group or by yourself for contemplation and spiritual growth. And whether as a beginner or as a long-time seeker, you will find stillness, natural beauty and ample communal support for inner work. Our programs, facilitated by qualified and experienced presenters, invite you into deeper understanding and awareness for the nurturing of soul and the enrichment of life.

We affirm our responsibility as conscious participants in the wellbeing and vitality of the whole Earth community. We practice organic gardening, composting, geo-thermal and passive solar heating to help make the Center environmentally sustainable. Our meals are home-made and mostly vegetarian as part of being in harmony with all life.

Committed to exceptional hospitality, our staff and volunteers, will warmly welcome you and help you experience a caring community.

The Transformative Power of a Personal Retreat

W No matter how you define your desire to get away for a while,
a personal retreat offers deep and lasting benefits:

V If you want to relax, get away from it all, have room to breathe
and find some peace and calm, find solitude for painting or
writing, a personal retreat can help you return home refreshed
and replenished.

V Does something seem missing in your life? Are you at a crossroads and want to imagine the road less traveled, figure out what matters most and create a new vision for your life? A personal retreat can jump start you in the right direction.

V If you have made an intention to deepen your spiritual life with soul work and reconnect with God, a personal retreat provides a sacred space for transformation to occur.

V Whatever your goal, nourishing the body, mind and soul requires some alone time, some get-away time with yourself, with nature, with God.


Five Great Reasons to Come Here For a Personal Retreat

A glorious place, in any season, where the quiet is palpable and invites deep listening.

Imagine living as a hermit in the woods for a few days or a week (or more). Burdens fall away, rest is possible.

Choose to receive support from the spiritual community. Meet kindred spirits. Join the daily meditations. Receive optional spiritual guidance from qualified directors. Eat nourishing food shared in the dining room. Balance solitude with time spent in a friendly community.

Discover exciting new authors at our library and bookstore through an exceptional collection of books about creativity, spirituality, healing.

Enjoy meditation indoors or out: in the beauty of our Chapel and Meditation Hall, or on our walking trails.

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