The Enabler: When Helping Hurts the Ones You Love

the-enablerBy Angelyn Miller, M.A.

Are those closest to you unable to stand on their own two feet?

Co-dependency – of which enabling is a major element – can and does exist in families where there is no chemical dependency. Angelyn Miller’s own experience is a dramatic example: neither she nor her husband drank, yet her family was floundering in that same dynamic. In spite of her best efforts to fix everything (and everyone), the turmoil continued until she discovered that helping wasn’t helping.

Miller recounts how she learned to alter the way she responded to family crises and general neediness, forever breaking the cycle of co-dependency. Offering insights, practical techniques, and hope, she shows us how we can transform enabling relationships into healthy ones.  (Product description)

Available at Christian Healing Ministries

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